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LOID - Linguistic Origin IDentification

LOID focuses on profiling a dialectal background. It identifies a number of phonological, morphological and syntactic features of a person's speech and groups them in patterns. These patterns are supported with references in academic research which makes LOID reports transparent and easily cross-checked. The patterns create the basis for conclusion about the probability that the person's speech can be attributed to the claimed area of origin.

Passive Competence

Passive Competence tests a person's comprehension of a language as opposed to his/her active use of it. In environments with several languages as means of communication speakers often have profound active knowledge of one language (i.e. they can freely speak and understand it), while being able only to comprehend the other language(s). The Passive Competence test examines the speaker's level of comprehension of the other language using statistical probability models.

Assessment of Language Analysis

Verified performs an assessment of an existing language analysis report previously carried out by a third party. The existing report is checked against a number of criteria, such as the method used, transparency of the arguments, references, consistency of conclusions, qualifications of the specialists involved, etc. Such services are of great importance for end-users of language analysis reports because they provide feedback on the general validity of the report.

Assessment of Interpreting Performance

While assessment of interpreting performance may be a common quality assurance practice, there are relatively few actors on the market that provide such services. Experts at Verified that specialise in language and text analysis have designed a service for assessment of interpreting performance to provide feedback on the quality of an interpreting session. This is of special interest for users of interpreting services in the legal context where high precision of interpreting is essential.

Interview Technique

This service comprises a number of package courses covering a wide range of communication issues, from how to effectively extract information from an interviewee to understanding the psychology of lies to identifying misleading information and many other components of successful communication.


The purpose of the service is to allow the client to see the exact account of what had been said in the original language on the recording, be it a monologue or a dialogue, in the written form. If required, it may also be accompanied by a translation.